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Kang Wei was established in 1986, and the policy has been insisted with “quality comes first, serve customers for the best”, after all these years, with the effort of each employees bearing with the company, we have grown rapidly in the printing industry.

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1991, the company had settled into Taichung Industrial park where we are currently located, we had extended our production with Japanese five color printing machine, German six color printing machine, Swiss di-cutting machine, Swiss gluing machine as such the world class equipments. The company had become one of very rare Taiwanese printing process manufacturers who is capable of: design, printing, glazing, di-cutting, gluing, packaging, quality examine and transporting services. 2004, Kang Wei had developed the plastic division with the expend of US 12,000,000.-, we were the first to bring in the five layer casting extruder from Europe, and thrown into the industry of PE stretch film and PE cling film, we are now still one of the rare manufacturers in the world who is capable of both box and plastic film production for cling film vertical process.

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Living in the global marketing world, Taiwanese industries must face difficult challenges from the other nations. So, the perspective and international view of the company shall be the key of surviving in this market.


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